Melissa’s Story: A Journey of Faith and Hope!

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Melissa and I are celebrating twenty-one years of marriage today, July 29th. Through the years, her faithful commitment to Christ has been a constant supply of strength and a brilliant beacon of hope in our union.

I want to celebrate her today and the light of Christ in her by sharing her story with my subscribers.

She shared her story at Westside Community Church on Mother’s Day in 2010. The faithfulness of our Lord and the character of my bride remain constant down to this very day.

In her testimony, …
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Ways Parents Can Push Back Against Porn

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Some Ways Parents Can Begin to Push Back Against Porn†

“How can I prevent my children from seeing porn?”

The above question is one I often hear.  It’s on the heart of every well-meaning and concerned parent these days.  My answer to them is this: “You can’t prevent your children from seeing porn.  Eventually, they will see it.”

I follow that up by encouraging them that there are ways to prepare their children for this eventuality and preparing them in their desire to push back against porn when it encroaches!!…
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Five Quick Tips for Parenting Against Porn

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Five Quick Tips for Parenting Against Porn†

My wife and I – having three teenagers in our home – are raising children who are fully absorbed into the first technology-drenched generation.  As such, we’ve learned a few things – often through failure – that might help those of you who are walking in our shoes.

So, from the heart of one parent to another – if you are interested in PARENTING AGAINST PORN and guarding your child’s heart, then take a minute and consider the following FIVE QUICK TIPS.

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