Parenting Against Porn’s Mid-week Minute- This Year’s Dirty Dozen!

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Welcome to the Disruptus Renovatus Mid-Week Minute, a Parenting Update.  This is a tool (often a short read) designed to assist parents who want to protect their children and grandchildren from the influence of porn!

Many times I’ll provide helpful tips and hints related to technology and the media-crazed teen world.

Other times I’ll offer stories from my experience of parenting and struggle with porn addiction.

Most of these posts will highlight, however, porn’s ongoing, and often subterranean, influence in our culture.  May of us, in the midst of our …
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What is a “Contemplative” Bible Study?

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Our culture is, perhaps, the most distracted and disengaged culture in human history.

New York Times Journalist, Tony Schwartz, recently noticed how distracted he’s become when trying to read a book – something an award-winning Journalist and author ought to be able to do with ease.   Upon reflection, he realized that unread books were piling up in his home: mocking him, rebuking him, as they lay silently – untouched – on the bedside table.  In an insightful article, he writes:

“Instead of reading them, I was spending too many hours …
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Five Practical Pointers for Parenting Tweens in an Age of Porn!

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Parenting is tough work.

Particularly these days.

Parents today are forced to raise children who are exposed multiple levels of input at ages early than ever before.

For example, most parents are likely unaware of what happened during the years of 2008 – 2011 regarding pornographic content available to tweens.

Do you remember what you were doing between the years of 2008 – 2011?

Not sure?

Yeah.  Me either.

Pornography and Preteens or Tweens

But I can tell you what Pornographers were doing.  They were trapping our preteens and tweens.…
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