Delight: God’s Original and Ultimate Goal

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Delight, God’s Original and Ultimate Goal

Dallas Willard once defined love as an affection that’s always directed toward what is good for its objects.  From Creation to Restoration, God’s good has always been directed toward us!

God’s goal, the primary agenda of the heavenly Father, has always been and remains – to this day – that we take delight in Him. This goal, or desire, toward us is birthed from His love for us.

God’s love is on full and magnificent display in the Creation account.  In the creation account, …
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The Preteen Field is Drenched in Blood and Porn is its Reaper!

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The Preteen Field is Drenched in Blood and Porn is its Reaper!

Are you one of those who still believe that Porn and civility can coexist?

Many do.

I know that correlation (we detect a relationship between the proliferation of porn and violence in our culture) and causation (porn proliferation can be traced directly to, or is the cause of, abuse and violence among teens) are two very different things.

But it doesn’t take a statistician to know that Porn is reaping a bloody harvest in what should be our …
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