A Daily Prayer for Peace: Haunt Me With Your Holiness

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Overwhelmed this last week of the Advent Season?

Unprepared for the mad dash this week may become?

Perhaps this prayer, prayed daily, might help you ‘clear he mechanism’ and celebrate He who is worthy of celebration every season, all year-long!


Dear Father,

May this season, often flattened and frenetic, bound by a life with little room for you,

expand to receive the haunting presence of your holy love: the beauty of your glory revealed!

Haunt me with a sense of your love in the face of my enemies.

Haunt me with a sense of your hope in the pit of my despair.

Haunt me with a sense of your joy in the midst of the bitterness and frustration of moments lost in time.

My soul longs for the place where your joy and my desire meet.

For it’s there – in this place – where my soul is satisfied.

I look within and see distortions of many kind.  I know this ought not be as I ask it not to be so.

I pray that the internal flames that haunt my heart will be warmed by the majestic grace of your holiness.

I pray that your glory will be revealed to me, in me, and through me.

I pray that my heart would bow in honor of you, and my life would respond in obedience to you.

I ask, Lord, that you would reveal your glory as you have done so many times before.

Satisfy my soul, Father.  Satisfy me again, as you have done so many times before.

“As I look upon this world, I see conflict and control, clamor, and dismay.

In the midst of this perpetual season of chaos, I pray that my soul might taste the peace which abides in you and extend the Love made possible through you.

In the midst of my self-absorbed life, I pray that I remember that you reach your loving hand toward me at the precise moment in time when I am most unlovable.

When, at the end of the day, the sun comes to rest, and her glory casts light on the horizon,

may Your holiness haunt all we who long for you.

Set your glory upon us.

May our hearts be haunted by your holiness and – in unison – proclaim –

“Do it Again, Father!  Do it Again.””


Here is a downloadable PDF: 12 19 2016 Daily Prayer for Advent Season

Merry Christmas!

Disrupting to Renew!

Let me Know how this prayer impacts your life!



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