A Daily Prayer for this Season of Celebration and Cheer!

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This daily prayer is one I crafted as a part of my Granular Rhythms of Grace. Specific to this season, I hope this  prayer equips you to enjoy the rhythm of becoming aware of our lesser loves and how they point to our Ultimate Love.   Happy Thanksgiving!

Gracious Lord,

You are, indeed, a good, good Father.

This day, of all days, you’d think an awareness of your grace and goodness would be intuitive to those whom you have loved.

My King, I confess: This day – indeed, this entire season – quickly woos me into a sleepy slumber.  One in which my senses become dulled to your goodness and glory.  A slumber from which my desires become fired by pursuits that leave me longing for more.

So, today – this day of Thanks Giving – launching this season of Celebration and Cheer, I pray:

Before my eyes gaze on the sights which both ignite and delight,

Before my ears dwell on the sounds which both soothe and subdue,

Before my feet traverse the pathways which both energize and excite,

Before my hands corral the bounty which both enlivens and inspire,

Before my mouth savors the tastes which both comfort and cure,

Before my arms embrace the loved ones who both renew and restore,

May my eyes gaze upon Christ!

May my ears hear Your voice in the midst of the clamor and chaos that this day – and season – easily become!

May my feet run to You as a refuge for my soul!

May my hands reach for You as my body wearies and my mind wanders!

May my mouth ingest Your Word, which springs new wells of refreshing waters!

May my arms raise in surrender to You love, mercy, and grace!

May my soul – my innards, my gut – the deepest part of who I am, put on Christ!

For it is Christ whom I long to

Gaze upon, 

Dwell with,




May, at this moment – on this day – through this season, I remember to inhale the grace of Christ.  For Christ is the Love to which all these lesser – but exquisite – loves ultimately point.

May I ever remember and always be grateful for You who satisfy and in Whom my soul delights!


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