Three Truths about the Holy Spirit

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I’ve enjoyed a remarkable week in the Word!  Every day, I’ve learned something new and been encouraged by Christ’s Spirit in profound ways.

It’s a week during which I’ve been reminded of the powerful truth in Hebrews 4, which describes the Word of God as living and active.  Indeed, perhaps the most “alive and active” power in the world.  One we have the privilege and joy of connecting to daily.

Our church is in a season of prayer, fasting, and discernment regarding an opportunity we believe the Lord is placing before us.  I have been inviting the congregation to “fasting” and a host of other biblical and spiritual disciplines so that we might clear out the clutter of our lives and be attentive to the voice of God within and among us.

It’s been personally enriching time with the Lord.

My week in the Word has been structured around times of study and times of prayerful meditation. I’ve also been fasting, which is a spiritual discipline that helps me get in touch with my desires, direct them toward Christ, and enjoy communion with Him.

Spiritual disciplines or sacred rhythms are, I believe, essential practices or tools (means of grace) for disciples.

Through disciplined study and prayerful meditation, I discovered three truths (not the only realities, mind you – but three that are now more apparent to me than ever before) about the Holy Spirit that I hope to explore in an in-depth way. Still, I think they are worth sharing – even in this embryonic form – now!

These truths are:

The Holy Spirit was PROPHESIED to accompany and mark the ministry of the Messiah.

The prophet’s framed the Messiah as one who would be marked by the very Spirit of God.  This “mark” appears to be a signature qualifier designed to identify the Messiah as God’s faithful servant.  In other words, it would be a distinct characteristic of the ministry of the Messiah.  One which would be accompanied by wonders and miracles of reconciliation, redemption, and the birth-pangs of restoration!

The Holy Spirit was PRESENT with Jesus during his earthly ministry.

John the Baptist proclaims Jesus’ ministry in advance.  When he does, he notes that the Messiah will come in the Spirit’s power. As Jesus’ ministry unfolds, the presence of the Holy Spirit with Christ and the Holy Spirit’s power in and through Him becomes more and more striking.

The Holy Spirit was PASSED ON TO HIS PEOPLE after his resurrection and at the time of his ascension.

We read about the ascension of Christ and the imparting of His Spirit in the early chapters of Acts.  The foreshadowing of this event is depicted in John 20, in a post-resurrection appearance.  These instances present the ministry of Christ’s Spirit as one uniquely passed onto His people to fulfill His mission of reconciliation and restoration.

To read these passages is similar to the experience of a roller coaster that shoots out at 100 miles per hour.  It’s exhilarating.

The presence of God’s Spirit within and among his people is central in the Bible from Genesis to Revelation.

We are a Spirit-infused people, equipped by Christ to live a Spirit-empowered life.

As you throw yourself wholeheartedly into this season of celebration, pause with me in prayer, fasting, meditation, and study, as I begin to rediscover these three truths of God’s Spirit, captured in three simple phrases:

The Holy Spirit is


Disrupting to Renew!



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