Time Magazine’s PORN Issue.

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BLOGGER NOTE: For those of you following my Awe and Wonder Series, another installment will be coming out next week.  I am putting the finishing touches on an article I am excited about and look forward to your responses when I distribute it.  Until then, please take a minute and consider this update on what’s going on in the world of porn addiction/recovery and how you can help us!

Time Magazine’s recent issue on porn is joining an ongoing cultural conversation many have been holding for years.

Their coverage is finally introducing mainstream culture and institutions to the realities we have been describing for a decade.

  • Porn presents a threat to human dignity.
  • Porn addiction behaves like every other addiction and should be treated as such.
  • Porn is a cultural killer that’s global in scale.
  • Porn is a public health crisis.

Porn may not be your problem, but it is certainly our problem.Porn Enslaves

While stopping short of calling pornography a moral problem they have dubbed it a national public health crisis.


It’s actually a global pandemic, and there is something we can do to deliver a cure!

In the late 90s, I stood in a local church and made a couple of statements/predictions regarding porn addiction.

My Personal Statement Was Also A Confession

“I have struggled with porn addiction and have discovered a pathway to freedom.

My Prediction — Sometime in 1998 or 1999

“Porn addiction is going to cultivate a generation of sexual super-predators who will introduce us to a vast array of abuse, rape, and predator-like experiences within mainstream young-adult life.”

The evidence is in.

Unfortunately, I was correct.

Here is one I didn’t see coming: Viagra sales would increase 20 fold.


Young men, raised in a porn-saturated culture, can’t get excited in the grasp of a flesh-and-blood human without medical assistance these days.

So we’ve raised a generation of young people who are both anxiously aggressive and pathetically passive at the same time.

Shame on us.

We can do better.

We must do better!

If you are alive and breathing, then this is your issue.  Someone in your family; dad, uncle, grandfather, mom, sister, grandson, or daughter is either hooked on porn or has been ridiculed by it.

This past week, I have been working on a series of posts through Men Against P*rn to help those who struggle with porn addiction recognize and prepare for Triggers and Traps.

I believe it’s a wonderfully helpful series of articles.

If you want to help fight this pandemic, then the place to start is by sharing these posts and spreading the word.

There is help.

You can be free!

Your freedom is intricately connected to mine!

You can find the articles here.

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